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TheHealthcare360 Product Suite Modules



This member-centric module provides 360° insight about your members. Compares current demographic and health status to historical status and predicts future status. This results in better membership management by closing gaps in the member’s healthcare and quality measures.



This module focuses on providers to measure and enhance the quality, completeness and efficiency of the services provided to the patients. It provides in depth statistics and analytics to highlight any provider’s gaps and issues and how to resolve it.



The heart of the Risk Adjustment program is the RAF360. The focus is on membership RAF: Defining the current RAF, past RAF, future RAF - what it will be and what it should be. Identifying all gaps and predicts possible gaps to capture by using complex analytical models.



This module identifies the current Quality Measures status, identifies the gaps, and provides possible ways to close them.



This module includes a clinical coding tool that allows organizations to capture all kind of data like diagnosis codes, procedure codes, quality measures and much more to close the gaps in RAF, Quality, and others.



This module focuses on the cash-flow and the RA payment models and processes to help the healthcare organizations identify what they will get and when they will get it, also to identify any gaps in payments.



Get a 360° view of your claims. Easily and interactively slice and dice the data to answer the questions you have (and will have in the future). Use your claims data to get an accurate PMPM and to identify possible ways to reduce it.



Get the complete picture of your submissions. Reconcile what has been submitted with what should have been submitted. Find the gaps, rejections, and other issues in the submission process so you can submit the missing data.

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